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Stagey's Proper Stagey Dressing Room Towel – 140cm x 70cm. 

When you're positively dripping! 

Many, MANY years ago, before she got her own room, even Stagey had to queue for the ensemble showers on the upper floors.  Being the caring and thoughtful colleague she is, Stagey has designed this large dressing room towel manufactured with 100% cotton and embroidery for all her beloved chorus boys and girls who still have to stand there in the corridor dripping on to Frank Matcham's cold, unforgiving stone floors (Stagey had a pre-contractual insisting on new carpets throughout her floor level).

Equally stylish on the beach or around the pool, this towel comes with Stagey's eye-catching logo and the stagey saying "SHE'S VERY WET" although you certainly won't be once you've had a good rinse and a rub down with Stagey's Dressing Room Towel!